The Restoration

The Restoration

Silverstone Auctions purchased the car in September 2014 and approached Jensen specialists Cropredy Bridge to undertake a full, no expense spared restoration at their base in Oxfordshire which was completed in July 2015. It has been enjoyed personally by Managing Director, Nick Whale, for the last two years.

Following its restoration it toured the country with Silverstone Auctions, appearing at some of the most high profile classic car events in the country. In November 2015 the car was displayed on Silverstone Auctions’ stand at the NEC Classic Motor Show and shortly after, in February 2016, it was on display at the London Classic Car Show and then at Race Retro in Warwickshire.

In October 2016, the car was reunited with Eric Morecambe’s son Gary, aswell as Eric’s chauffeur Mike Fountain, for a special ITV documentrary on Eric’s life, with the car driven and filmed at Silverstone circuit.

”This is a wonderful car with an equally wonderful history and it has been a personal delight to see it restored to its former glory”, Nick said.

Following a full restoration, the car has had the following works undertaken:


  • Removal and rebuild of rear axle


  • Complete strip down and restoration of original braking system


  • Repair works to the body to save as much of the original metal as possible in order to maintain the integrity of the car


  • Removal of engine and restoration of engine bay


  • Strip down and rebuild of engine


  • Fitment of new exhausts


  • Full replacement of side beams and sills.


Restoration Update- May 2015


Fitting of mechanical ancillaries and running up of engine and transmission. Final prep for paint.

 Power Steering hoses to cooler/reservoir/pump

 Route Power Steering Pipe

 Prep/sand down panel set/doors/bonnet

 Steering/heater/vacuum hoses. Rear springs/shocks/panhard

 Sand down/prep doors/bonnet  Grind off exhaust mount bolts-fit exhaust front pipe

 Fit Silencer hangers

 Prep/mask panel set ready for barcoat/primer

 Fit Exhaust system-rear pipes

 Fit rear silencers

 Fuel up. Fit battery. Get started

 Start Engine

 Heat up and remove Fans

 Start car / check running

 Fuel supply from tank. Recon tank/fuel outlet. Start/run

 Bar coat panel set/clean out/prime

 Fans Electrics

 Check engine & gearbox operation.

 Check out chrome for seats

 Mask up engine bay/prep primer

 Engine wiring, relays, fuse box, fans

 Flat back primer/blue paint

 Wiring List

 Prep /Primer/blue paint

 Prep car for base coat

Restoration Update- April 2015

Summary: Engine and gearbox strip down and rebuild. Refit engine and transmission along with suspension.

 Paint n/s cylinder head, clean lap valves on o/s cylinder head. Replace core plugs on cylinder heads, Paint o/s cylinder head.

 Fit tappet and push rods to engine after cleaning. Fit o/s and n/s rocker shafts to engine. Clean distributor and check over. Fit to engine and check valve timing

 Fit vacuum unit to distributor. Remove engine unit

 Clean engine mount brake and sand blast and paint

 Fit engine mount

 Welding and cutting for distributor

 Fit core plugs to cylinder

 Fit o/s and n/s cylinder heads to engine

 Welding holes on covers, ready for power coating

 Clean o/s and n/s cover for powder coating. Clean air filter body for powder coating

 Clean and paint centre engine tray fixing plates. Clean inlet manifold.

 Clean exhaust manifold and fit to engine. Paint and fit inlet manifold. Fit centre tray to engine

 Helping with fitting of fuel tank and back axle

 Fix panhard rod bushes and fit to axle

 Fit rear axle to car, fit axle to springs

 Fit handbrake cable

 Bleed brakes front and rear

 Reroute front o/s and n/s front brake hoses

 Clean and paint auto gearbox, kick down linkage, clean and paint torque convertor plate

 Replace heater hoses

 Lubricate and free off heater controls

 Fit kick down linkage to engine, remove sump ,replace gasket, remove oil, pick up, strip out and clean

 Refit fuel tank, fit new breather hoses, adjust fuel breather pipes

 Fit o/s and n/s leaf springs

 Fit engine mounts, clean starter and paint. Clean auto gear box and filter tube and paint

 Clean engine bay and paint. Fit thermostat and housing to engine

 Refit engine. Make and shape metal fuel pipe. Fit insulation to pipe

 Fit carb and connect pipes to carb

 Fit new fuel filter and replace hose from fuel filter to fuel pump

 Remove throttle cable fixing brake. Shot blast/clean and paint. Fit to engine. Fit throttle cable and return spring bracket

 Fit oil pipes to engine, Fit new belts and adjust

 Fit engine to car. Start fitting ancillaries to engine

 Move car from body shop to mechanic workshop. Jack up remove front wheels

 Fit new power steering pipe from pump to steering rack

 Tighten leaf springs, fit exhaust mounts

 Refix handbrake to axle. Reroute rear brake hose

 Fit radiator. Fit valve cover gaskets

 Modify and repair front wiring

 Engine bay insulation joints

 Fit valve cover to engine

 Throttle and gearbox linkage

 Replace plug leads

 File out torque convertor and fit to gear box. Fit gearbox to car

 Clean up gearbox mounting plate for welding. Fit gearbox kick down levers. Fit bolt to torque convertor

 Fit gearbox

 Fit gear box rear mount

 Engine bay wiring

 Engine wiring

 Replace temp sensor in radiator

 Refit gearbox/speedo gearbox linkage. Fit fast wind starter

 Fit oil locker pipes and fit prop shaft

 Welding in gearbox support

 Fit Prop Shaft/oil filter housing & Power steering hose

Restoration Update- March 2015


Suspension and brake strip, rebuild and restoration with fitments for steering.

 Clean and paint o/s and n/s suspension parts

 Fit trunion pin. Remove shocks

 Fit bushes.

 Paint shock absorbers and chassis

 Paint chassis and refit shock absorber. Adjust swivel arm

 Fit o/s n/s front brake hoses fit shock absorber

 Make up o/s front suspension kit. Recon o/s front and assemble

 Refit and adjust o/s suspension

 Rebuild suspension, replace front disc n/ pack bearings

 Fit disc to front hub, reset bearings

 Remove rear axle

 Remove o/s and n/s rear springs. Pressure wash axle

 Remove rear disc from axle, clean ready for painting

 Blast rear suspension parts

 Paint rear axle, paint rear suspension parts

 Remove steering u/s.

 Fit rear discs

 Fit new rear brake callipers to o/s and n/s

 Remake Brake hose brackets o/s and n/s

 Remove exhaust rubber mounts

 Fit n/s rear spring and bushes.

 Engine bay heat trim

 Engine bay tidy up and trim work

 Remove fuel tank and pressure wash out

 Remove o/s and n/s rear shock absorbers, clean and repaint

 Paint and clean rear shock absorber, strip out seat units

 Replace o/s rear spring

 Replace front brake pads

 Fit new rear discs

 Refit steering rack

 Fit steering u/j

 Grind down axle fixing point

 Shot blast track rod ends and paint

 Replace gaiters and refit to rack

 Replace steering column bush and replace u/s on steering column

 Fit rear brake disc to axle, grind away axle casing for discs to fit

 Strip out seat mechanisms for chroming

 Remove rear exhaust mounts

 Remake and fit brake pipe from master cylinder to front union

 Paint engine bay and brake pads

 Strip out brake reservoirs, sand blast bracket

 Remove fuel tank straps. Cleaning and painting. Prepping and painting rear underside of car

 Tighten steering rack

 Welding and tidying up engine bay

 Remove, clean, paint panhard rod.

 Fit lower steering column to rack

 Fit brake reservoirs and new feed pipes. Remove coolant expansion tank, clean and paint

 Strip out o/s rear brake caliper, free off hand brake mechanism. Sand blast caliper parts

 Repairing heat shield bridges. Exhaust brackets repair and refit

 Fitting shields to underside of car

 O/S rear calliper, free of piston

 Remove faulty springs

 Fit expansion cooling tank

 Strip out rear calliper and handbrake mechanism

 Shot blast n/s rear calliper parts, Paint caliper parts

 Strip out brake piston on n/s rear brake. Free off piston

 Strip out handbrake

 Fit n/s handbrake mechanism to caliper

 Fit rear brake pads

 Fit n/s rear calliper to axle and make brake pads on rear axle

 Free off handbrake mechanism and fit to rear axle

 Remove brake pipe from front to rear. Make new one to fit to car

 Clean n/s cylinder head, exhaust and inlet valves. Fit valve to cylinder head. Fit cylinder head core plug

Restoration Update- February 2015


Final prep of panels and structure for paint along with engine works and suspension reconditioning.

 Primer vehicle

 Prep panel and set ready for base coat

 Prep car ready for base coat

 Mask car ready for workshop

 Cutting out gearbox support on underside

 Sort out interior trim

 Remove engine and pressure wash

 Start stripping engine

 Remove gearbox, exhaust, radiator and hose.

 Remove exhaust studs, replace core plugs, clean cylinder,

 Clean engine, paint engine, fit heater, pressure wash, clean steering

 Clean and reface inlet valves

 Remove power steering pump, oil filter

 Remove old exhaust, mountings and lubricate rear axle bolts

 Clean out engine bay

 Centre console removal

 Remove steering rack

 Strip out front suspension

 Remove cylinder heads and strip out

 Prep panel set ready for base coat

 Burn off lower arm mounts, clean suspensio

Restoration Update- January 2015


Continue with tailgate repair and shaping along with prepping panels for primer.

 Prime Tailgate, Take Out Old Windscreen fit new one

 Change over all window glass from green (MKIII) to clear (MKI)

 Fitting new carpets

 Prep tailgate and spray tailgate silver

 Fit Tailgate Trim

 Rear window fit glass

 Fit new window gear to n/s

 Shape tailgate to car and cut/weld and take out glass to prep

 Prep/Fill Tailgate

 Remove wood veneer from car to be sent away

 Prep Bonnet for primer

 Prep Panel Set, Prime Panel set for primer

 Prep and mask vehicle ready for primer

Restoration Update- December 2014


Repairing ‘bolt on’ metal fixtures and fittings (doors, tailgate, bonnet etc)

 Rear Window Fitting And Tailgate Fitting

 Sand fibre glass and welds

 Fibre glass/fill panels

 Prep/Rust Treat Bonnet Prep Doors, Prep Front panel, Front Wings, Rust Around Tailgate Lip

 Cut Out Rust, Weld In Plates, Treat Rust And Paint

 Fit New Rubber Seal to Tailgate and Glass To Tailgate Frame

 Fit Tailgate To car, Weld And Weld on New Studs To Tailgate

Restoration Update- November 2014


Continue to remove corroded structure and begin to rebuild with existing and new metal.

 Cut out old Side Beam O/S

 Weld In New Side Beam O/S

 Weld In O/S Floor To Beam

 O/S Paint Bare Metal Floor

 Weld panel’s To New Side Beam, Weld Sill Cover On O/S

 Weld Up Inner Wheel Arch, Tailgate Support

 Fit and weld support plates to inner arch

 Welding for Tailgate

 Fabricate and weld plates to car O/S and N/S

 Paint Front Valance

 Take sender Off Inner Rear Valance

 Mask Up Engine Bay, Prep

 Make Bonnet Support Bracket For Assistors

 Paint Engine Bay

 Fit N/S and O/S Mud Shields

 Fit Bonnet Spring and catch

 Take Off Bonnet

 Strip Bonnet Bits, Polish O/S Door, Rood and Wing. Take Off Over spray

 Weld Up Holes On Bonnet

 Cut Out Rust on Inner Valance

 Cut Out rust and weld new panel To Inner Valance And Skin

 Paint and seam seal inner wheel arch

 Rust treat wheel arch

 Cut out rust and weld plates on tailgate. Drill holes for chrome trim

 Fit Lock To Fuel Flap

Restoration Update- October 2014


Begin stripping vehicle and removing corroded structure.

 Full Check and Assessment of Vehicle

 Full Report On Jensen

 Stripping and Dismantling of Jensen

 Remove Windscreen

 Cut Out old Side Beam N/S

 Weld In new Side Beam N/S

 Weld Panels

 Paint Beams N/S